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The Portable Minecraft Live Distro!

A long title but something pretty simple really.

Need a Minecraft server which can’t be left alone on a machine when you are done? Want to take your favourite map with you as you go for impromptu LAN parties?

If so, you’re in the right place. 🙂


Based on the Slax distro with a few tweaks, when placed on a USB stick allows you to take a Minecraft server with you for any reason. Originally this came out of a particular need:

  • To run a school club run by non-technical people.
  • Not leave any software on the school PCs.
  • Allow a way for any maintenance on the maps (e.g. recovery from damage, adding content, etc) to be done off-site.

Also I’m a part of EPIK where we mess with Minecraft on a regular basis and sometimes, when we’re in a venue the internet is not up to the load. So a backup plan is really handy. 🙂

Getting Started

Download the package which can be found here: [TPMLD.1.0.zip]

This text comes from SLAX and is the same for this as the basic SLAX install:

  • Extract the contents of ZIP archive to your USB drive.
  • If you are using Windows, you will get for example E:\slax\ You probably already did this, just make sure you extracted the archive to your USB drive and not to your local harddisk.
  • Now navigate to directory /slax/boot/ on your USB drive. In Windows, it will be E:\slax\boot\ for example. Use explorer or any other file manager for this task.
  • While you’re in the boot directory, locate file bootinst.bat Run it by doubleclicking it. It will setup your USB to boot.


Running The Server

  • With the machine off insert USB stick
  • Start it up
  • Now this is the most tricky bit, getting it to boot from USB some machines will do it. Others will need a bit of messing around in the BIOS to make it boot from USB before the hard disk. Look for the brief flash of the bios screen saying about setup. for more details see if you can find a friendly geek or ask me. I don’t mind.
  • Once it boots from USB then the work is done.
  • SLAX will boot and you will be presented with a graphic desktop (hopefully).
  • Top left is an icon called ‘Minecraft Server‘, click on that.
  • A text file will pop up giving you your IP address which you will need to use for all the clients that want to connect. Use that IP address with the port address of 8000.
  • The minecraft server will then start up and you are ready to play

Running The Client

  • Double click on the ‘Minecraft Client

How It Works

Most of the documentation can be found at SLAX so I will document my changes.

On the USB stick (while not booted) you will find /slax/changes. In there is everything you need for a normal Minecraft install.

The core is the mine.sh script which on startup it performs a backup of the world map data and puts it into the backups dir. It will keep every backup each time you start so at the moment you need to keep an eye on the disk space, later I will add scripts for pruning and management.

The server will download if its not present on the disk (should not need to do that as it is present)

Then a text file is presented with some details about your ip address

The server will then start

Not much else really! told you its simple. 🙂


More things to add over time but this is the beta version just to get something out there for testing. If you want to help then please drop me a mail.



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